Selenite Lamps




Selenite is thought to be one of only a few crystals that can cleanse and recharge both itself and other gemstones.

Selenite creates a calming atmosphere and It’s one of the best and most popular crystals to help with clearing negative energy and also for clarity of the mind which helps to bring a quietness to the chaos and anxiety filling your mind.

The Selenite Properties help rebalance your chakras and as a result removes energy blocks.

It also protects you during meditation by creating positive energy within your body. It will keep you calm and grounded.

We have both towers and lamps available.

Our Selenite Tower Lamps are one of our most popular lamps and are perfect for the living area or bedroom.

They bring such a calmness and look absolutely stunning when turned on. Its such a gentle moon like glow which makes it perfect for winding down at evening time.

Many of our customers buy them in lots of two as they are well suited to the master bedroom on the bedside tables.

Please Note: Each Selenite Tower is a natural stone and will vary slightly in shape, colour size.
The other thing to keep in mind with your selenite crystal towers is that because it is such a beautiful white crystal you may want to keep it clean so to do this, very gently use a damp cloth or even quickly run it under water and wipe down with a dry towel.