Rose Quartz Tassel Hanger


Self Love – Heart Chakra • Unconditional love

Material: Rose Quartz Crystal Tassel

Rope type: Pink cotton knotted rope

Approx length: 28cm

Rose Quartz Hanging Tassel have many different uses.

You can hang it in your car, bedroom,meditation space, door handles of rooms, workspace, garden and it will bring positive loving energy into your space.  Many people also use these tassels when they meditate, by holding the hanging tassels in their hands to bring the loving energy of the rose quartz to mind body and soul.

Self-love is extremely important for your self-worth. It’s time to remove the blockages that are holding you back from the life and love you desire! You are worthy and deserve to be loved the way you dream of!

Rose Quartz is associated with the heart chakra.  When using Rose Quartz it helps you to go deep within and brings deeper healing and self love.  People also turn to Rose Quartz for  its calming properties especially during traumatic times in our life. 

If you are in a current relationship, Rose Quartz can help make the bond stronger and restore trust, loyalty, harmony and teaches you and your partner unconditional love. 

This is a great stone for empaths or people that are very sensitive to energies that are around them.  It helps them with acceptance with themselves and shows them when a change is necessary for their own growth and happiness. 

Most people at the age of 50 years old or older might experience a midlife crisis.  This is an excellent stone to get you through and to accept things as they are and does it all with love and understanding. 

Have you ever experienced a heartbreak and your heart actually aches.  Most of us at one time or another has experience heartache and its not easy at all to remove or cut off ties with the other person.  Rose Quartz is a natural healer of the heart and it will help you to remove any stuck emotions that are preventing you to let go and to move ahead. When something no longer serves you this stone will help you and point you into the right direction while leaving all the past hurts behind you.  It gets deep inside the core so you can heal the correct way. 

AFFIRMATIONS: Use loving mantras such as ” I love the person that I am” “I am worthy of love” “I am a lovable person” this will enhance the effects of the crystal.  It can be helpful to make sure to hold the crystals in your hands, close your eyes and connect to the stone, as you are doing this you set the intentions of exactly what you want this crystal to do for you.