Quartz Geodes



*Emotional healing * Cleanse &  purify the energy * Bring Calmness in mind & relaxed in spirit.

Grown as a whole – and you can keep it for yourself or you also share this crystal with someone.

They’re known to clear negativity, stress and long held doubts about ones self worth.

How to share this Quartz Geode with that special someone is by creating a special moment with a special someone like a lover / best friend / family member and crack open your geode together.

Keep one half for yourself and give the other to that special someone as a way of always staying connected through your shared crystal.

Best placement for these crystals is on your bedside table as they’re a calming stone or keeping it on you whether that be in your bag or in your pocket.

*Please note your crystal will come whole & you can crack this open to reveal the crystals in anyway you wish.