Quartz Geode Pair


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Large Quartz Geode Pair ( 2 separate crystal which have been grown as a whole and split open)

Cleansing – Healing – Purify

Quartz geode is the definition of reminding you that beauty is about what’s on the inside.

Quartz geodes are known to clear negativity, stress and long held doubts about ones self worth.

This geode is the perfect crystal to have in your living area where a lot of energy is coming and going.

Either side of the bed on the bedsides tables are also a beautiful placement to cleanse your sleep space and clear the mind for a restful sleep.

Keep for yourself or share this quartz geode and create a special moment with a lover, bestfriend or family member and gift one half for this special someone and keep one half for yourself too as a way of always staying connected through your shared crystal.