Indian Silk Scarves



100% Indian Silk


The silk scarf can be worn and used in multiple ways. Get creative with yours as there are so many ways to wear them.. Don’t even get me started on how you can wear them!! …Actually do, because its amazing how many ways to wear them.

Such as folding them to create a basic head band look, the headband look with a knot or even with a beautiful bow… a pony tail tie, a bandana, what I call the pirate look – with or without the front pieces of your fringe pulled out.. dare I go on.. but swipe to see the images of ways it can be worn!

I just realized I wasn’t finished with its uses .. because you can even use them to accessorize with!
Such as; using them as an accessory to your outfit and tying  it to your hand bag, use as a neck scarf, as a top, as a sarong, table runner – the possibilities are endless.

P.s Even super sweet as children’s headwear.