Incense Sticks



Incense sticks can be used for a variety of different reasons such as creating a pleasant smelling home, used during meditation, holistic healing, Reiki, yoga, spell casting, rituals or exercises of spiritual journey and enlightenment

Satya Incense sticks are widely known for their use of the masala/flora technique in production.

Masala incense is made by combining natural resins and a complex combination of a variety of oils, herbs and botanicals. Once completed the remains look like a form of dough which is then rolled onto bamboo sticks. This method of making incense makes for a much superior incense compared to those that are just dipped in perfume oils and ensures a minimal ecological footprint.

Did you know that Satya only use bamboo harvested from sustainable forests, many of which the own or manage to ensure sustainability.

  • Using your incense:

    Light the tip of the stick until you see a small flame. Carefully and gently blow out the flame and you will see the tip remains red, but no flame. Place the smouldering stick into a heat proof holder or dish to catch the falling ash.

    • Burn time per stick:

      About 30 – 40 minutes per stick