Himalayan Salt Inhaler


Himalayan Salt Inhaler Cleanses the entire respitory system including sinuses and nasal cavities, throat & lungs.
The salt air bath flushes impurities and helps by;

• Reducing asthma
• Reducing Seasonal Allergies by cleansing the sinuses
• Coughs and chest congestion
• Improving the respiratory systems of smokers
• Improving skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis
• Improving lung function in individuals with cystic fibrosis .. many people also testify that salt therapy drastically improves snoring.

Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salt is the purest salt in the world and is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
Salt therapy has been used and trusted for many centuries and can help loosen mucus build up and phlegm.
Studies have shown that people with chronic respiratory conditions, seasonal allergies, sinus, breathing problems due to pollution, smoking, bronchitis and skin disorders all hugely improve with regular use of breathing through a Salt Inhaler.

Our Himalayan Salt Inhalers are a great natural alternative to try for those who want to minimalise there medicative products. Safe for all ages and easy to use.

How It Works:

When you inhale through the mouthpiece the passing moisture absorbs micron particles of pure bio energetic and mineral laden Himalayan Mineral Salt that cleanses the entire respiratory system including lungs, nasal cavities, sinuses and throat.
Directions For Use
Breathe normally through inhaler mouthpiece and exhale through the nose. You may experience coughing, sneezing and phlegm mucus expectoration. You may also taste salt in your mouth and throat, but these conditions will disappear with regular use. Recommended daily use: 15-20 minutes at a time, 2-3 times a day – or more or less depending on severity.
Ceramic. (not plastic)
No water required.
No need to change the Salt (as it is antibacterial), just add more salt when needed.
Only use Himalayan Salt. (2-3mm granule size)
When you need to refill, pull the tab off the bottom of the Inhaler and place Himalayan Salt granules in and replace tab.
It is advised to have separate inhalers for each person using.
When not in use, store in zip lock plastic bag. If moisture gets into the Inhaler, empty the Inhaler of all salt, dry it out, then replace with dry salt.