Gift Box 2 - Inspire, Connection & Creativity


Inspire| Connection | Creativity

x 1 Crystal Journal
x 1 Selenite Wand/Rough Stick
x 2 Quartz geode approx size 3cm-6cm (Geode will come whole so you can crack open yourself)
x 4 Incense sticks
x 1 Himalayan Bath salts bag
x 1 Crystal tumble
Info sheets inclusive for some items.

All boxed up beautifully and ready to go.

Gift box 2 is all about opening up your unconscious thoughts and bringing your creative side to the surface. Helps bring you inspirations and connection to self for what one truly desires.

Crystal journal is made from recycled material complete with a intuitively chosen crystal stone on the front. Blank pages inside and is hand made in India. Perfect for daily journal writing or as a keep sake journaling.

Selenite crystal is all about cleansing, So clearing out any negative energy, brings you clarity to your mind and calming vibes, which will assist you in order to access your unconscious thoughts and bring them to our front of mind.

Quartz geode is a beautiful crystal stone – known to of been grown as a whole and then cracked open to reveal the beauty of the crystal on the inside.

Quartz geode is a cleansing crystal – so perfect for new beginnings and bringing inspiration and creativity to your consciousness.

Incense sticks to remove negative stale energy and bring in positive – feel good scents to lift the mood.

Himalayan bath salts are perfect for unwinding. Known to relax and sooth sore muscles, reduce skin irritations and hydrate the skin.

(Please note due to the slightl larger geode size being out of stock – which is shown in this picture I have now changed it instead of x 1 larger geode you recieve x 2 smaller geodes to compensate)