Indian products are in support of the education for the disadvantage children in India.

Now friends of ours Jan & Craig have many experiences over in India and have found the most beautiful connections
with the local handmade manufacturers on the ground level.
Creating Ethically sourced products and fair trade supported workers by injecting income directly to the locals who make these items.

All our Indian products are supporting organisations such as Dr Grahams & Asha niketa.
Parts of the profits made from these Indian products go to fostering the children assisting with cost of their education and helping to bring them the tools they need to learn such as tables and chairs and everything in between.

The school is academically recognized by the Indian government as a Christian school,
but the school is completely independent, and its only income is derived from school fees and sponsorship money
 donated by people who come across it such as all of us.

With Dr Grahams children there is also making sure there is a firm commitment that once the children comes of age the
 support doesn’t end when they leave Dr Grahams.
Support is maintained as they move into adulthood and leave the school for the workplace or other educational opportunities.

A percentage of all profits from the gift and homeware sales are donated directly to help fund projects that are overseen by all, improving the environment for the children at Dr Graham’s Homes Kalimpong  and in the wider community. 

We thankyou on their behalf for your purchases with these products as its helping to support the success of so many futures.