The faces you see is myself Courtney – the creator of Salt x Soul and lover of spreading positive vibes to everyone I meet.

My fiancé Renat – who created my market stall stands, and helps me source my beautiful products & he absolutely loves a chat.

and you may see my Soulful daughter Sahara who pops up at my markets from time to time – You’ll find her clinging to my side when she does pop that’s for sure!


From hobby to business.

Falling pregnant and not having a job to go back to after baby was born, I decided to put my focus into my love of Himalayan salt products. I was drawn to them for their many benefits they have for soo many people including myself.

Therefore during pregnancy in 2017, I decided as a side hobby to get some Himalayan salt lamps and sell from home.

So I created a little salt cave entrance into our home for people to view.

In March 2018 we welcomed our soulful daughter Sahara into the world.

After a few months of being Mum I wanted to explore my creative side now that I had the opportunity too. So this was when I had an open mind to looking for new opportunities with the hobby I was apart of.

By June I became intrigued with all these events and markets happening in Perth and decided to book myself in for one!

I only gave my fiancé Renat a weeks notice in order to make me stands ( I got impulsive and just booked a stall out of excitement & didn’t consider the rest but it all worked out for the best haha)

So those timber stands you see & those tree branches to display my products were all handmade by Renat and supervised by me.

Our market debut was a hit!

Our gorgeous boho stand, friendly faces, affordable pricing of products & of course the array of variety was exactly what the coast people were after.

I truly get so much out of market Life, this was exactly what a first time mum needed.

I do it to meet new people, to learn new things especially from my customers – I always love hearing feedback and your experiences with these products and of course Salt x Soul keeps me focused and my mind active!

I look forward to bringing you more soulful products as I grow.

Thankyou for supporting a local business & a family.

Much love
Courtney x

P.S Summer is our main market season but we also have ones sporadically throughout the year so to keep up to date with our next market by clicking the Market tab at the top of the page.